4 Reasons A Pregnancy Counselor May Be A Better Confidant Than Your Friends

27 January 2016
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If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel guilt, grief, stress, happiness, excitement, dread, and other conflicting emotions. Before making a decision about whether you want to keep the baby, put it up for adoption, or have an abortion, you should consider giving yourself the time and space to sort through your emotions and options to better understand how you want to deal with your pregnancy. Often, having someone listen to you and share advice and information can help you better understand your feelings and desires. However, there are several reasons why you may not be ready to share your private information with friends or family. Here are four reasons why you may want to visit a confidential pregnancy counselor instead. 

You Can Keep Your Pregnancy A Secret As Long As You Want To 

Even the best of friends, with good intentions, can sometimes let a secret slip. If you visit a professional pregnancy counselor, you know that they are unlikely to know any of your friends and family. Even if they do know you or someone in your social circle, a pregnancy counselor is practiced in keeping your information safe. This means that you can talk freely about your situation without fear of what you say or your current situation getting back to your significant other or family before you are ready to share the information yourself. 

A Professional Counselor Is Used to Hearing Similar Stories 

An unexpected pregnancy can be shocking for your friends and family. Even if they are supportive of you in general, there may be a moment when you first reveal your pregnancy when your confidant shows slight shock at your situation. This can be hurtful if you are already feeling confused or negative about your pregnancy. 

A pregnancy counselor is prepared to hear that you are pregnant and has experience listening to women share many different types of information. What you say to your pregnancy counselor will likely not shock them. Knowing that the first person you tell will be empathetic and understanding as opposed to shocked or surprised can help you feel more comfortable about talking about your pregnancy. 

A Counselor Will Have More Correct, Up-to-Date Information 

While friends may be able to lend you emotional support, it is unlikely that they have collected as much information about pregnancy options in your area as a pregnancy counselor. A pregnancy counselor can inform you about the types of abortion that are available in your area and also give you the legal and medical timeline for each type of abortion. They can inform you about local adoption agencies. They can connect you with low-cost or free healthcare and also give you information about financial and social services available to pregnant women in your area. Getting up-to-date, factual information can help you better understand your options and make an informed choice about your pregnancy. 

A Counselor Can Help You Make a Plan For Telling Your Friends and Family 

After you visit with a pregnancy counselor, you may still want to tell select friends and family members about your pregnancy so they can help support you through your decisions. A pregnancy counselor can help you know what to expect when you tell your loved ones. The counselor can help you identify supportive people in your life that you should inform about your pregnancy first and can help you role-play telling your loved ones about your pregnancy if necessary. They can also inform help give you tips for keeping your pregnancy a secret a bit longer, if you feel the need to. 

While friends and family members are important sources of support, an impartial and empathetic counselor can sometimes be more helpful during your early unplanned pregnancy. Contact a clinic like All Women's Clinic for more information and advice.