Planning To Conceive Soon? Follow These Steps To Improve Male Fertility

15 March 2017
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If you and your female companion are thinking of trying to conceive soon, then chances are, she has been focusing on caring for her body and preparing it to carry a baby. As the male in the partnership, you don't need to carry the baby -- but keeping your body in great health is still important to improve your fertility and therefore your chances of conceiving. Here are four steps you should take to improve your sperm quality and motility as you prepare to conceive.

Switch to boxers.

If you're currently wearing briefs, boxer briefs, or another style of tight underwear, it is time to switch to looser boxers. Your scrotum holds your testicles away from your body for a reason: to keep them cooler. Underwear that presses your scrotum right up against your body may leave your testicles too hot, reducing your sperm quality and sperm count. Switch to boxers, and you'll stay cooler down there.

Get more exercise.

These days, so many men are relatively sedentary as they work office jobs. If this describes your life, your sperm quality might be suffering due to your lifestyle. Take steps to increase your activity level, and you'll probably conceive a lot sooner. Start slowly by adding a 20-minute walk to your day. Then, start integrating some more intense exercise like weightlifting and running into your routine.

Eat your veggies.

You need so many different vitamins and minerals to produce healthy sperm. Most of them are not found in adequate quantities in overly processed foods like white flour and freezer meals. Make it your goal to get at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and veggies per day. Aim for a variety of colors, from purple to green, and you're certain to improve your vitamin and mineral intake.

Get enough sleep.

When you're chronically tired, your body starts shutting down unnecessary functions, like making sperm. Plus, you tend to have a harder time sticking to a healthier diet and getting enough exercise when you're tired. Start heading to bed an hour sooner, and set your phone down immediately when you go to bed so you're not tempted to browse the internet and stay up later.

If you start trying to conceive and are not successful, consider meeting with a male fertility specialist like Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility. They can give you more advice to help improve your sperm quality so you can go on to build the family you've always dreamed of.