Getting The Perfect Nether Region: 3 Tips To Preparing For A Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation

16 April 2017
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Has childbirth or aging changed how you look down there and have you been feeling a bit self-conscious about the changes? You can rejuvenate your vagina with Thermiva, which is a single-use handheld probe that delivers controlled thermal radiofrequency energy to areas that you'd like to tighten. The procedure is painless, relatively simple and also effective. It has also been highly recommended by many celebrities. If you're interested in this procedure, do these 3 things before your appointment.

Shave the Vaginal Lips and Opening

The physician and technician needs to get a good look at the anatomy down there to determine what needs work done and what doesn't. You don't want any hair to cover up vital issues that are insecurities to you when you shave. Before your appointment, shave the vaginal lips and the opening. This will also make it easier for the probe to access these areas of your body, so you get more effective results.

Wash Thoroughly Before Your Appointment

For the sake of everyone in the office and to avoid embarrassing moments, it's best if you wash thoroughly before your appointment. You'll feel a lot more relaxed and confident if you do. Don't just jump into the shower and do a quick rinse. Use soap and scrub. If it's possible, schedule the appointment at a time when you'll be free to go home and wash yourself first. You definitely should avoid scheduling the appointment after a strenuous and intense workout or after a long day at work.

Look Down There with a Mirror and Determine the Type of Changes You'd Like to See

Thermiva can change many things down there. It can be used to target your labia specifically, the internal genital and even the vaginal canal. To ensure that you'll get the results you desire, spend some time looking down there with a mirror and make note of the things that bother you, as well as the type of changes that you'd like to see after the procedure. Most physicians will be more than happy to take before and after photos for you. This will give you a better idea of how effective the procedure was.


Don't hesitate to sit down with your physician to discuss your concerns prior to the procedure. It's a good idea to point out the type of changes and modifications you'd like to see from the before photo. Establishing what your expectations are can help ascertain that you'll get the results you want.