Why You Should Be Honest About Your Child's Injuries

16 May 2017
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When you take your injured child in for pediatric urgent care services, be one-hundred-percent honest with them. Tell them exactly how your child was injured and when. If you falsify information or not tell the whole story, your child's injuries will only reveal the truth to the doctors. Here are some other reasons why you should be completely honest about your child's injuries.

If They Suspect Abuse, They Will Report You

If a doctor thinks (or knows) that you are not telling the whole truth about your child's injury (e.g., broken bone, sprain, bruises), the doctor may detain you and report a suspected child abuse case. He or she is not trying to break up your family or take your child; only that the doctor is trying to protect your child. This is true of all pediatricians, doctors, nurses and medical staff, so going to different doctors and different locations does not change that. If you are innocent of any wrongdoing, tell the urgent care clinic exactly what happened.

If You Need Help with a Difficult Child, They Can Help

Some kids are just bent and intent on doing things that will get themselves injured or worse. It is not bad parenting; it is simply the child's personality. If you tell the urgent care pediatrician the truth about the injury and have documentation about other things your child has done, the doctor may have some ideas about how to help your child. The doctor may also have some resources you can turn to for extra help if your child is suspected of being a special needs child, or a child with a mental health problem that causes him/her to harm him/herself.

You Can Avoid a Costly Medical Investigation

If a child comes in with a broken bone, and you tell the truth about what happened, you can avoid a medical investigation. For example, if your child falls out of his/her tree house and breaks an arm, that is just the stuff kids do. If you say that you do not know how the injury happened, the doctor may be inclined to take other x-rays to see if there are any other broken bones. Not only is that costly, but it could show that your child has more than just a broken arm and has broken other bones in the past. A full investigation may be launched to determine if your child has a major medical condition, or if something else is going on.