3 Things You Should Know About Helping Addicts

29 August 2017
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If you or a loved one is dealing with an addiction, it is important that you get them the help that they need. An addiction is a serious medical condition and it should be treated as such. Here are some things that you should know about addictions.

1. Many Times The Person Has Experienced Trauma

It is very common for the person who is dealing with the addiction to be a victim of trauma. In fact, usually it is a traumatic situation that leads the person to the dangerous actions in the beginning. The person might be overwhelmed with their emotions, or life in general, and so they turn to some sort of self-soothing behavior. Then after using their substance, or behavior, as a coping mechanism they become dependent on it for emotional soothing.

Before you can address the addiction fully you will need to address the trauma. A good addiction counselor will know this, but you can also go to a trauma counselor and begging to work out those intense emotions. This will play and important part of recovery.

2. The Addict Needs Constant Help and Support

It is important to know that an addiction doesn't just get better and then you no longer have it. It is not like a bacterial infection that you can just treat and then it is gone. Instead, it is an alteration of the brain and the cells. This means that even though the person may be sober, they may still be susceptible to relapses. This is why you should always be providing support and help to the addict. Just because they have been sober for 3 years doesn't mean they are cured. They need to stay vigilant in their recovery, they need to meet with professionals, and they need help from family and loved ones.

3. The Person Needs A New Environment and Protection From Triggers

One of the biggest concerns with an addict is all of the triggers. The triggers are the things that happen around them that cause them to act out. In the beginning protection from the triggers will be important. Over time they will become better and better at handling them, but they still should stay away. For instance, if alcohol was the abused substance, the person should stay away from bars, parties, or places where they usually abused. You can help them to chance their environment to make it easier to stay sober.

By doing these things you can help those with additions. For more information, contact a center such as Ascent Behavioral Health Services.