Are You Experiencing Frequent Headaches? Possible Causes To Be Aware Of

5 September 2018
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If you have recently been experiencing frequent headaches, you may feel stressed and worried about what is going on with your body. It is very easy for a person to jump to a conclusion like "brain tumor" when they are dealing with constant or frequent headaches, but jumping to the worst case scenario is rarely accurate or beneficial. Oftentimes, there are much simpler explanations to headache problems. Get to know some of the possible causes of your frequent headaches. With this information, you can then get the tests and treatments you need to manage and hopefully, get rid of your headaches. 

Your Vision Isn't What It Used to Be

One of the most common and unrecognized causes of frequent headaches is actually related to your eyesight. When people have always had good vision, they take for granted that that good vision will continue throughout their lives. However, as a person grows and ages, the eyes can suffer damage and deterioration. These changes in eyesight can be so gradual that the person does not even notice them happening. 

As a result, that person may begin to experience headaches often. This is because their eyes are constantly straining to focus and that strain leads to headaches. If the person takes a few days to rest and sleeps a great deal, they may feel some relief, only to get a headache again when they return to their normal routine. 

One of the first steps you should take when you are having frequent headaches is to go in for an eye exam. Eye exams test your vision, both at a distance and up-close and will test for issues like glaucoma and other eye disorders. If it is your vision that is causing you headaches, corrective lenses and/or other eye treatments will help to relieve the headaches, not to mention make it easier to see. 

Teeth Grinding or Clenching

Another issue that is commonly overlooked when it comes to frequent headaches is teeth grinding or clenching. Many people have issues with grinding their teeth at night or clenching their jaw (waking or asleep). Both of these problems can cause severe headaches.

Bruxism, the clenching or grinding of teeth, is a condition that can have many causes itself. Some medications list bruxism as a side effect. Sometimes, stress and anxiety can cause these problems. And sometimes, bruxism seemingly comes out of nowhere with no apparent cause. 

Depending on the cause of bruxism, there are solutions. If it is a medication-related problem, changing medications may help. Otherwise, stress management can help as can treating anxiety with medications and therapy. Bruxism can also be directly treated with bite guards and other mouthpieces that you wear when you sleep to prevent grinding and clenching. 

Knowing these possible causes of your frequent headaches, you can contact the appropriate medical professional, such as at Quality Eye Care, to get the care you need to overcome your headache issues.