When To Take Your Baby To A Pediatrician Over A Cold

6 November 2018
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Babies have weaker immune systems than adults and older kids do. This means that babies are more likely to get ill during the cold and flu season. While you should always take your baby, and other children, into the clinic if you feel like they have the flu, the common cold is another issue entirely.

When do you get concerned about the common cold in your little one? Here are signs that your baby is having a hard time with a cold and could use the care of a pediatrician. Pediatricians can prescribe medication or make other recommendations for treatment to help your little one get over their symptoms and feel more comfortable.

Your Baby Has Issues Breathing

The common cold will often cause a stuffy nose and possibly some drainage issues, making it somewhat uncomfortable to breathe. For an older kid, this isn't so much a problem, but for babies, can be very uncomfortable. Steam baths, a vaporizer, and other treatments can help clear your child's sinuses.

Take your baby to the pediatrician if they are having issues breathing or making a wheezing sound when they breathe. When a cold moves into the chest and becomes more mucous-filled, your child may need antibiotics or other treatments.

Your Baby Is Fevered

A low-grade fever is your baby's way of fighting off infection. Call the pediatrician if your baby has a fever for a long time and won't eat or drink, or appears to have something else wrong with them in addition to a fever. If your baby is affected by a fever to the point where they are dehydrated, don't hesitate to take them to the doctor.

Your Baby Has A Rash

The common cold shouldn't cause a rash, but can make your baby's skin sore and tender under his or her nose. However, a rash accompanied by a cold-like symptoms can give the impression of a cold, which is alarming when something more serious could be wrong. When in doubt, take your baby into the pediatrician because a rash could be a sign of a food allergy or something else that's very serious.

Your baby will get sick from time to time, and knowing when to take them into the pediatrician is key to keeping your little one healthy and active. Your child's pediatrician will give your baby an exam to see if their cold is getting better or needs medical care.