Preparing for Your Infusion with Comfort Items in Place

27 September 2019
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Getting an infusion can be a lengthy process. Whether you are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or an autoimmune disease that requires medication by infusion, you may sit for hours while the medication is slowly infused into your body. To prepare yourself for the infusion, it can help to bring comfort items with you. If you are nervous about treatment, you can bring a friend with you to help ease your stress. Infusion clinics understand that you may be worried about treatment and that it may be hard for you to relax. You can bring a blanket to keep you warm, music, books and electronic devices so that your mind is occupied while you wait for the infusion to finish.

Know What to Expect

Your treatment provider will be able to talk to you about the medication you are going to receive, potential side effects, and how long treatment should last. When you have a good understanding of how long you are going to be at the infusion center, it can be easier to manage your anxiety about receiving treatment. If you start to have any effects from the medication, you will know that they are normal when you have already talked with your doctor about it.

Bring Plenty to Do

If you love listening to country music as a way to relax, bring your earbuds and set your phone up to play yourself some music. When you are an avid reader, a combination of books, magazines and an electronic device to read on can make a difference. Sometimes just holding a book or thumbing through the pages of a magazine can help you feel grounded. 

Prepare to Take a Nap

You will be made as comfortable as possible during your infusion, and this can be a great time to take a nap and give yourself a break. If possible, make sure you are tired when you go for your infusion. Get up early that day so that you are not well-rested when you arrive for your appointment. When you are tired, you are less likely to be stressed and it may be easier for you to relax and fall asleep during treatment.

When you have infusion therapy coming up, talk to your treatment provider about what to expect. Bring a friend with you if you are worried, and look for items that are comforting to you. Read, listen to music, and try to relax while you're experiencing infusion therapy. Learn more about the process by contacting services like Idaho Arthritis Center.