An Introduction To Nutritional IV Drip Therapy

13 July 2020
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Your body must have certain amounts of water and key nutrients to perform the many daily functions and processes that keep you healthy. Unfortunately, some conditions and situations either strip the body of these substances or prevent the body from using them efficiently.

Many chiropractors and other licensed medical practitioners have adopted a service known as nutritional IV drip therapy to help combat these issues. If you struggle with dehydration or malnutrition, this treatment technique might help you immensely. Take a look at this therapeutic modality and its healing potential.

How Nutritional IV Drip Therapy Works

Under normal circumstances, the digestive system processes fluids and nutrients, breaking down foods into vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes which then go to all parts of the body via the bloodstream. However, this process can take several hours, after which only a portion of the nutrients get absorbed.

Nutritional IV drip therapy greatly accelerates this process while also making it more efficient. A water-based solution containing a variety of dissolved nutrients goes directly into a vein by means of an intravenous (IV) drip, bypassing the normal digestive process and allowing the body to absorb almost all of the nutrients.

Problems and Conditions Treated With Nutritional IV Drip Therapy

While the majority of individuals might not need extra help receiving and breaking down nutrients, some people have problems that interfere with these normal processes. For example, if you cannot eat easily or chew efficiently, your digestive system may have trouble extracting nutrients from ordinary foods.

Sudden, severe fluid loss may also require urgent correction through nutritional IV drop therapy. For example, athletes or outdoor workers commonly sweat a great deal, losing not only water but also potassium and sodium. These individuals may need a quick infusion of fluids and minerals to prevent acute illness.

Nutritional IV drip therapy can help patients cope with many kinds of health conditions and their effects. Examples of health problems that respond to the right cocktail of nutrients include asthma, muscle spasms, respiratory infections, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and dehydration related to diarrhea.

What to Expect From a Nutritional IV Drip Therapy Session

Drip therapy gets its name from the way fluids drip slowly from a suspended IV bag through the attached tube and needle. The practitioner inserts the needle in your arm and then opens a valve to begin the drip process.

You will also undergo an initial health evaluation to determine whether nutritional IV drip therapy makes sense for your particular condition. If you have a heart condition, kidney disease, or other underlying problem that might produce unwanted side effects or complications, your practitioner might recommend alternatives.

Find out whether nutritional IV drip therapy could provide you with the health boost you seek. Contact your local chiropractor or another health professional to request an initial consultation.