Is Your Loved One Struggling? Signs They May Be Experiencing Addiction Recovery Transfer

26 August 2022
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If your loved one is struggling with an addiction, they need to seek help as soon as possible. They may think they can walk the path to recovery on their own, but that's not the case. In fact, trying to handle recovery on their own could lead to addiction recovery transfer. Addiction recovery transfer occurs when someone trades one addiction for another. 

This often happens when trying to cope with the recovery process. If you're concerned that your loved one might be suffering from addiction recovery transfer, read the list provided below. If your loved one is showing any of the signs displayed here, it's time to get them the help they need for their recovery. 

Renewed Anxiety or Depression

It's not uncommon to develop a new habit when battling an addiction. The new habit can take your loved one's mind off their current addiction. Unfortunately, your loved one might trade one addiction for another. For instance, your loved one might switch to alcohol to overcome their addiction to prescription pain medication. If your loved one experiences anxiety or depression when they don't have access to the substitute, such as alcohol, they may be experiencing addiction recovery transfer.  

Loss of Property or Employment

If you're concerned that your loved one might be experiencing addiction recovery transfer, look at their personal life. If their life has started to fall apart again, they could have a new addiction that they're dealing with. This is especially true if they've recently lost their job, or they're falling behind on payments for their personal property. If that's the case, they need treatment for their addiction recovery transfer. 

Onset of New Health Problems

If your loved one has traded one addiction for another, their health may begin to suffer. You may notice that they're losing weight or that they're no longer able to sleep. You may also notice health problems that are specific to their newest addiction. Any changes in your loved one's health should be taken seriously. Now's the time to help your loved one get into an addiction recovery transfer program. 

Inability to Account for Finances

If your loved one was on track with their recovery, but they're having problems with their finances again, they may be dealing with another addiction. This is especially true if they're unable to account for their finances. For instance, they might not be able to tell you where they spend their money. If this is happening, it's time to find them the help they need.