Noticing That You're Short Of Breath? See Your Doctor

1 February 2023
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Being short of breath can affect your life in many different ways. You might gradually stop the various forms of exercise you've enjoyed in the past, or maybe you find that you can't play in the yard with your child as much as you once did. There's no reason that you should simply accept that you're short of breath. If you notice this issue, it's worthwhile to schedule an appointment to see a family care doctor. They'll likely listen to you describe your symptoms and prescribe some tests to determine the cause. There are many reasons that someone can constantly feel short of breath, including the following:


Asthma is a common reason that many people experience shortness of breath. While a lot of individuals know that they have asthma, not everyone has gone through testing to reveal this condition. Although a lot of people develop asthma as a child, adults can also develop this condition. If you describe your symptoms in addition to being shortness of breath, and your doctor believes that you could have adult-onset asthma, they'll likely send you for asthma testing.


Being significantly overweight can cause a lot of health issues, but you might not realize that it can potentially leave you feeling short of breath at various times, too. You can expect that your doctor will run some tests to determine that nothing else is contributing to this problem. If they deem that your weight is the culprit for your breathing difficulties, they'll likely provide some tips that you can use — including some gentle exercise recommendations and dietary changes — to lose some weight. Over time, as you shed some pounds, you should begin to notice that you're no longer getting short of breath.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is a serious respiratory condition that has many different symptoms. One of the most prominent symptoms is that you'll frequently find yourself short of breath. You might usually notice this issue when you're doing something physical such as walking, but it can be a worry when you also get short of breath while you're sedentary. COPD can develop for many different reasons. If you've been a longtime smoker, for example, there's a good chance that this condition is a result of this habit. If a doctor determines that you have COPD, they'll proceed with various forms of treatment, including prescribing the use of an inhaler.