Mobile Drug Testing Can Benefit Your Company

30 June 2023
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For many employers, a drug-free work environment is essential for company success. As a result, routine drug tests or screenings are often performed. While the traditional option involves sending employees to an off-site facility for testing, mobile testing is a newer, more convenient option. If your business has not used mobile drug testing services before, learn how much this service can help. 


Creating a drug-free environment is vital, but ensuring this type of environment is maintained is not always easy. An employer can arrange for an employee to be tested, but it is ultimately up to the employee to carry out the request. While some people intentionally miss testing appointments, some people have valid concerns. 

For example, family obligations or transportation issues might make it hard to get to the testing facility, which can result in lower compliance. Mobile testing services can eliminate these roadblocks and increase compliance. Since there is no need to travel, especially outside of regular working hours, employees can have their drug screening performed while they are at work.


Sending employees off-site for testing can have a negative impact on productivity levels. Anytime an employee has to walk away, their ability to perform their work tasks ceases. When you consider the time it would take to travel to an off-site testing facility, have the test conducted, and drive back to work, there is no comparison to the amount of time it would take the same employee to walk outside to a trailer and be tested. 

A mobile testing setup will help you perform more tests with the least disturbance to the workday. When productivity levels remain consistently high, the business does better overall.


One employment factor that employers sometimes minimize is liability. It is relatively common knowledge that employers are often responsible for injuries sustained by an employee when they are on company property. However, the duty to protect employees can also extend off-site. 

If an employee is involved in an accident on the way to a testing site, especially if they are on the clock or driving a company vehicle, the company could be liable, given the employee's working status. On-site testing eliminates the need for travel and can be conducted over several days to ensure all shifts are covered, and no one has to travel.

Many mobile drug test units after around-the-clock services. Contact a testing agent to arrange a time that meets your on-site needs. 

Reach out to a company that offers 24/7 mobile drug test services to learn more.