When To Consider Going To A Medical Center For A Sprained Ankle

9 May 2022
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If you're out running, walking, or hiking and twist your ankle, you may wonder if your injury is severe enough to go to the doctor for an evaluation. This can be tricky to decide since a sprained ankle can swell and develop bruises that make your injury look worse than it is. However, when you have severe pain after an injury, it's a good time to let a doctor evaluate you. Read More 

Common Conditions That Require MRI Tests

10 March 2022
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Proper diagnosis is the first step in any treatment process. It enables medical practitioners to study the patient's symptoms and determine the nature of their illness before developing a treatment plan. Thus, doctors usually consult with their patients, study their medical history, administer lab medical tests, and rely on radiography to assess their condition before proceeding. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an example of radiography scanning used to view the patient's internal body parts and organs to provide the doctors with a vivid understanding of the patient's underlying problem. Read More 

When Should You Take Your Child to a Gastroenterologist?

12 January 2022
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Children are going to experience different bowel issues at one time or another, and they may experience pain in the abdomen for a number of different reasons, but when they are frequent and unexplained, you may want to consider seeing a gastroenterologist. In smaller children, in which they cannot convey what is wrong, you may be able to see signs of a potential issue that may indicate a problem with your child's bowels. Read More